Simon Walls

Recording Studio / Productions


From his comfortable recording studio in Montreal at Sophronik ( or in a big GMC Savana 3500 mobile studio he built, or even with only a carry on travelling in small villages in the bush of Senegal, Simon Walls has produced and recorded music from all genres.

Aside from being a singer songwriter, Simon is also a music producer whose works have been featured in international radio stations. He has worked with Ilam ( who was nominated “révélation Radio-Canada”, Élété Rimtobaye, Mat Tyler ( on his single All in All, LITA (, Jah Nissi from Haiti, Seydina Ndiaye, Assane Seck and many other artists from different countries in Africa.

Simon Walls has travelled many kilometers to capture performances and spent hours perfecting his craft, he’s always looking for new opportunities to record any project, as crazy as it can be, and make songs that really relates to the artist’s vision.



Inside a professional environment between a Toft Audio ATB and Amek consoles, Simon has produced different style from Pop Rock hit singles to traditional African and aboriginal music. He will make sure the band or the artist will be in the zone and focus on the performance, bringing out the best of each performer. Aside from all the amazing microphones and pre-amps, Simon knows the performance is the most important element in the recording process and he makes sure the artist delivers his best.

He also offers mixing and mastering services of all genres, taking your recordings to another level and respecting the creative directions.



The idea took place  when recording in Pikogan, a small village in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region, during a pow-wow with the non-profit organization Musique Nomade ( The event’s organizer, Kenny Ruperthouse, and Simon had this simple idea; to record traditional aboriginal drummers in other Pow wow events around the province. The Mobile Recording Studio was born. All packed inside a GMC Savanna 3500, Simon can meet any artist, any bands, anywhere they want, whatever the event is, for the recording of a full length album to filming a performance inside a cozy shack out in the woods.



Learning his craft through his adventure documentaries with Les Grands Explorateurs, Simon always travels with his video camera to capture live performances. He sets his recording equipment in an intimate environment where an artist or bands would perform a stripped down version of their songs to their fans. From a single performance in a bedroom to a large music venue concert, anything is possible.


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